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Here I am going to focus on niche and keyword research.

On niches, as much as it is important to focus on what you like and are good at, it is just as important if most people are just as passionate as you or need help with it...Read More


Content And Site

Before creating a site, I will create content from the 20-30 keywords I gathered. Next I will sign up for 2 free accounts at...Read More



If you asked me what is the most difficult part of affiliate marketing, it will be getting traffic. As in getting targeted traffic and converting them into customers or at least subscribers...Read More

25th Jan 2012
Amuro Wesley Photo With White Background

Welcome To My Blog

Hi, this is Amuro Wesley and I like to welcome to my first ever official blog whereby I will be revealing all my experiences, what I learn and achieved so...

What Most Bosses Are Concerned With And How Does This Got To Do With Your Online Business?

Truth being said, I came to realize that NOT all but most bosses are concerned with 4 things no matter how busy they are and what kind of business they...

5 Basic Guidelines Of Networking Events

I know this may not be totally relevant to internet marketing but if you happened to be at networking events whether they are related to internet marketing or not, they...

Why Sales And Marketing – Whether On-Or-Offline – Is NOT For Everybody

For those of you who are in sales and marketing or want to do sales and marketing, if your MAIN and ONLY reason is just to make $ to pay...

02nd Jan 2015
Affiliate Compass Pro

My First Post Of 2015

First of all, I like to wish everybody a late Merry Christmas and happier and better 2015 instead of just the customary happy because after all aren't better and happier...

Being A Person Of Value

In this video, I like to talk about something that is not just important to marketing but ALL areas of your life as well. Actually I have come up with...

How I Persevered And What I Learn From IM Where Most People Failed

When it comes to getting help and support, NOT all but MOST people turn to their families, friends or both. For me, I did not get any. Well, that was...

03rd Jun 2014
Success Formula

Welcome To The Real World Of What It Takes To Succeed On-And-Offline

If you are aspiring to be entrepreneur but have not achieved results yet, chances are your family and friends do not respect you especially when they are not entrepreneurs and...

Lessons I Learnt From Internet Marketing Which Can Be Translated To Offline As Well

Lessons I learn from internet marketing which can be applied offline as well since starting out in July 2008. 1. There is really no such thing as overnight aka get...

23rd Apr 2014
David Remarks On His Site Being Critiqued By Eben Pagan

Why Eben Pagan’s Video Could Save And Start Getting You Make Money Online

Whatever product you are promoting be it online or offline, these are 3 questions you should always consider. Very Very Important 1. What is your product all about? 2. Who...