2 Ways To Get Laser-Targeted Traffic (If You KNOW How To Do It Right)

In this post, I am going to share with you 2 ways to get laser-targeted traffic to your site whether you are promoting your own products or someone'e else as an affiliate.

However before going into details, I like to remind you that like everything else in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to do these right.

Get them right and people will see you as a hero aka idol.

Get them wrong and you will be condemned as a spammer aka villian.

So with that said, what are the 3 ways?

Based on the current trends, they are Facebook, Forums and Meetup.

A. Facebook

Facebook by now is becoming hotter as not just social networking site but a social connection, gathering and marketing platforms.

Initially used as a way to get in touch with people you know, it is no surprise that this reason alone is enough to increase the number of users whether they are old or young.

There are 4 ways to monetize from Facebook.

1. You can set up your business account, join groups related to your niche, provide value to that group and then add friends from that group into your account.

2. Once you do that, you can create your own group and invite those people you added as your friends to join the group.

Once they joined your group, they will be like your subscribers where you can post more information and ultimately recommend products to them be it affiliate or your own.

3. You can also set up Facebook fanpages in which you invite those people to like your page.

At the time of writing this, fanpage also allows you to set up a virtual shop in which you can advertise various products and services if you are into e-commerce as Shopify or Amazon selling.

4. But the most powerful has to be placing Facebook ads.

Now what is so powerful is that you can basically target anybody be it gender, nationality, age range, interests and even salary group which reowned marketer Frank Kern demonstrated last year this time round.

For as little as $3 USD daily, you can run an ad linking to your landing page for 1-2 weeks and see massive fast results.

5. At the the time of writng this post, Facebook live videos are another hot rage by both normal people and celebrities whom fans get to see their real life personalities. 

With that said, those are the powerful components of Facebook.

B. Meetup

Another alternative is Meetup. 

Although set up in 2001 by Scott Heifermann and Matt Meeker in the wake of 9/11 terrorist attacks in which people come together and get to know and support one another as a united community, it has grown and expanded exponentially over the last decade. 

Like Facebook, it is a social networking site. 

The only difference is that people don't just go there to interact online but to meet one another either by forming or joining groups based on their common interest be it sports, personal development, hobbies and business opportunities. 

Truth being said, when it comes to marketing on-and-offline, people tend to be comfortable buying from those they liked and trusted as well as provided they saw a perceived value in what they are going to pay for. 

On Facebook, you get to interact online most of the time. But in Meetup, you get to meet and form relationships from those gatherings eventually. 

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