High Paying Affiliate Programs Vs Creating Your Own

This is the question I asked myself quite a lot and see being asked by others time and time again.

That is should I continue to promote other people's products as an affiliate especially high paying ones OR should I create my own information products I can call my own and price them anyway I want.

Now before I answer that question, let me explain to you what affiliate marketing and creating your own information products are for those of you who are new to internet marketing or been quite doing for a while but still have no clue on how to make your first dollar.

Affiliate marketing is simply an online term for referral marketing in offline world.

It is about promoting other people's products for commissions. Can be information/digital, can be physical products or CPA offers which stands for Cost Per Action in which you get paid for generating leads instead of sales.

When I say high paying, I am referring to the ones that pay you $100, $500, $1000 and more. Though you may find a few in Clickbank and other networks like Offervault, the best I highly recommend is this program which you may find free to check out. 

Creating your own information products is coming up with an e-book, video tutorials, website or WordPress themes and other software applications.

In essence as a whole, they are also known as e-learning courses.

I will say that both has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are promoting other people's products as an affiliate, you do not have to worry about creating your own information products, membership and salesletter websites

You just have to focus on creating an optin page otherwise known as lead capture, landing or squeeze page.

As well as sending traffic to that page with the intention of getting their emails using different ways like writing and submitting articles, blogging, placing classified or paid ads, putting up Youtube videos etc.

So that you can market to them time and time again should they came to the sales offer you recommended but never buy.

While that is lucrative, the disadvantage is you do not have a product that you can call your own.

You are simply leveraging on other people's brands, products and services through their sites.

But over time, their sites may be shut down and links dead which I see happening again and again in Clickbank.

When that happens, you have to keep hunting for new offers.

And at the end of the day, you are just a one-person sending traffic through different methods.

But if you are creating your own information products, you need to have some savings for the first 2-3 months.

Now that is something most gurus will NEVER tell you.

But that is something I have to be completely honest and open with you.

Because other than having your domain, web hosting and autoresponder, you need to have a membership theme for your sites to create salesletters and membership sites besides just optin page.

Though there are many choices like Click Funnels, Instalbuilder, Leadpages, WP Profit Builder and WP Rocket to name a few, the one I really liked and have been using since 2012 is Optimize Press.

Yes, it is the most expensive of the lot but it also delivers the best quality in terms of the theme functionality and support be it video tutorials and desk help.

At the time of writing this, I am still learning to use Version 2 since I am slow learner when it comes to technical setup with brand new variety of blog, landing page and membership themes.

You may feel free to check out one of my landing pages here.

But very adoptive in the first version.

You also need a screen capture software to do videos and either Open Office or Microsoft Word to write an e-book so long as they allow you to save in both Word and PDF format.

For screen capture software, you can consider Jing, Camstudio and Camtasia.

But the overall picture of creating your own information products is you can not only market them yourself but recruit an army of affiliates and JV partners – as in marketers about the same or higher level than you when it comes to earning online – to promote for you.

This is so that you never have to worry about traffic again even if you don't work for 1, 2 or even 5 days.

Because they will be the ones sending traffic to your websites.

The downside is when it comes to initial development stage, it will be very tough.

You need money and time to invest in a variety of tools such as those I already mentioned above as well as autoresponder to send follow-up or broadcast emails to your subscribers and existing customers.

You also need to have 3 landing pages as in one for your subscribers and the other 2 for your affiliates and customers.

Plus you need to follow up with those 3 lists of people regularly in order to get them to promote your current and any future products you may have.

With that said about the pros and cons, I will say doing both is the best since you get them to promote your products and promote theirs as well should they have any products of their own.