List And Email MarketingWe are coming to the end of our mini-email course series.

So far in my emails I send you so far, I talked about:

1.  Market and keyword research,

2. How to create content,

3. How to set up your site and

4. How to drive traffic aka get visitors to your site in order to get them to buy your offers and for you to earn $.

Today I am going to talk about list building and email marketing.

The final step of the entire affiliate marketing strategy.

To be honest with you, I haven't heard about those until early 2010.

In fact things like squeeze page and autoresponder are quite alien to me.

But after doing much investigation on my own, I began to realize that is the critical difference between one who is making.

1. average amount of $ and

2. a lot of $ like those gurus you seen out there.

Having said that, list building and email marketing is when you send emails to your prospects or subscribers – a more common term in internet marketing community who have actually signed up for your free report or video or both.

Can be an offer or just free yet valuable information like I have been sharing with you as my subscriber over the last few days.

This concludes my whole email course and I hope the info I have given you is sufficient enough for you to begin and build your internet marketing career.

Here is one autoresponder you may consider checking out and I have been using.