Alvin Phang's Success Philosophy

Last Saturday, I have the privilege of interviewing my fellow compatriot and top internet marketer Alvin Phang.

Even though we have yet to met, we have known each other on Facebook via a Facebook group SG Internet Marketers.

Since then, we have commenting and liking each other’s timeline posts as well as messaging each other personally.

Here we talked about many things like:

1. How he got started online by first blogging and then selling on Amazon and Shopify,

2. The pros and cons of Amazon and Shopify selling,

3. How much the Shopify sellers actually made online?

4. The challenges he faced building e-commerce style WordPress sites and when he got started online 10 years ago including possible family objections,

5. His views on coaching and 3 typical types of students attending the previews,

6. His opinions on high paying affiliate programs,

7. The core business he and his wife will focus on if they are to start all over again,

8 His advice to all newbies wanting to start an online business. 

Finally if you are interested to learn and profit on Shopify, you may click the image below to get your copy of his Shopify Masterclass course. 

Shopify Masterclass By Alvin Phang