The Problems I See With Robert Kiyosaki's Teaching That Others Don't

Even though I was introduced to Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad book by certain insurance agents and MLM marketers in 1999, it was not until 2015 General Elections in my country Singapore that everything he mentioned in his book begins to make sense.

Especially when our Deputy Prime Minister Tharman mentioned in the video that there is no system in the world whereby the government provides everything without collecting money in the form of taxes from his people in 18:22.

You may feel free to watch that video by clicking the image below.

Our Deputy PM Tharman's Speech In 2015 General Election Speech

And that brings me to a conclusion of many things that most people are not aware of but are doing subconsciously every single day. Such as –

There is NO way for an internet marketer to provide everything for his subscribers and customers without charging a fee for his products and services.

Even though he wants to help, he needs to make a living for himself, his family and staff while maintaining the costs of running his business.

That includes me as well.

Same goes for offline business owners as well.

There is also no way for bosses to continue hiring or keep his or her employees if they don't provide value in what they do and contributing to the company's long-term revenue and customers' welfare.

Whether they are doing admin or sales and marketing jobs.

That also makes me realize that MOST people only want to GET value as in making a lot of money for themselves and families WITHOUT understanding that in order to do so, they must first give value to the people they want to market their products and services first BEFORE getting them to buy whatever they offer.

Do you see the point of what I am saying?

Having realized those, I began to see that as a serious problem.

A VERY serious problem among most people especially those in my country.

Since our education system only teaches us to work for money without telling us that it is just as important to let our money work for us by teachers who only teach by theory but have no real life experience doing what they teach. 

Especially those teachers specializing in Sales And Marketing courses.

And those points also triggered my memories of the key points I read in Robert's Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant.

That most people ONLY want to get value without realizing how to give value first even though they think they do.

Which they don't.

Because if they do, then most of us will be running our own businesses and even though there will still be cafes, offices and shops, the people will be a lot happier and the world will be a much better place to live in without corruption, crimes and poverty.

They will stop blaming each other including the government since they know EXACTLY what, when and how to do to earn what they need without compromising the value of their products and services they offered to one another.

So with that being said, the question I am sure you must be wondering is-

What problems do I see with Robert Kiyosaki's teaching that other people don't in my headline?

And most importantly, why do this saying in Robert's photo –

Tend to do more harm than good in the long-term even though it looks good at first glance and by most people wanting to seek a financially independent life?

Here is my honest truth and opinion.

And even more so after reading those 2 books throughly.

1. No Step-By-Step / Daily Action Plan

Even though those books provided many insights and tips, there is no step-by-step daily action plan.

From a customer's point of view after reading those two books Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant, the questions I will be asking myself are:

"Ok, now that I have read those books, what should I do next?

What are the things I should do everyday?

And most importantly, what are the steps I should take –

In order to make a transition from anyone who is living paycheck to paycheck like most people in a rat race –

Into someone who hardly or did not do anything and still earns everyday?

Though Robert did mention about real estate and MLM, those are mostly in theory and outdated information.

And here is the situation in my country Singapore which I am not sure you are aware of or have friends going and staying or working there tell you.

Even though there are entrepreneurs, most of them simply come and go.

Does not matter whether they are in on-or-offline business.

And the reason for that is they resigned or put out of business by 2 major factors

A. Our Ruling PAP Government Party

Who is taking a very serious view on these even though they may seem minor issues to countries outside.

And given the fact that most of the ministers are not entrepreneurs but civil servants, normal employers and employees.

B. My People

In particular the baby boomers such as my parents, your parents, and our grandparents. 

I don't like to say this but among the Asians in the east, they are among the skeptical when it comes to creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation of ANY KIND.  Whether it is on-or-offline business.

Because in those days before my country gained independence, times are really tough and the only way to survive and keep going is prolonged employment and yet getting small miserable paychecks just to pay the utility bills and put food on the table.

Even though yes, there are entrepreneurs, they are NOT acting in the interest of delivering value to people but just want to make money out of them though they do put on smiling faces and acted on the pretext of listening and helping them at first meeting.

Which explains and reinforces their strong belief that the ONLY way to be successful is to study hard, work hard in our jobs, do what the government says, get married to a beautiful woman or handsome man, live and retire happily ever with just ONE pension from ONE income stream. 

Even though I do not agree with them, I do not blame them entirely having read and watch the videos of my country's entire history since our Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew passed away in 2015.

2. No Affiliate Program

Here is another truth about Robert Kiyosaki which some of you may find it hard to believe at first but it is true. 

Of all the motivational gurus, he is one of the few who does NOT have an affiliate program which is another term for marketing referral program in which marketers get paid a share of commissions for recommending prospects to buy his books and programs.

Anthony Robbins has, Bernard Burchard has, Brian Tracy has, Charles Kirkland has, Eben Pagan has and Mike Filsaime has. 

In case you do not know who the last three gurus are, they are in the internet marketing niche whom I subscribed and bought some of their products as customers. 

In Aug 2010, I once offered myself to promote Robert's programs – in particular Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant – as an affiliate via email to his customer support email I got through his official site and blog. 

The only reply I got was –

Hey Amuro,

Thank you for your enquiry.

But sorry, we don't have such a program.

And we don't intend to have it now and in the near future. 

I was very downcast and shattered upon receiving this email. 

Eventually I look to Amazon to promote his stuff which was how I came to market the rest of Amazon products eventually which was another story I will tell another day. 

But that reason itself and his one-dimensional marketing approach – which used to work in the 60-90s during our baby boomers and growing up years era – was now outdated. 

That also played an indirect role – though I could be wrong in here – in him declaring bankruptancy since he did not have enough resources to cover the legal costs despite writing the book of how to get resources without living paycheck to paycheck everyday. 

That also reminded me of a video by Eben Pagan which make total perfect business sense to me that you should love to get the short end of the stick and if you don't share what you know with others openly before offering your products or services, chances are they are not going to listen to you. 

If Robert has an affiliate program in which say 2-3K affiliates promote his products be it customers and royal subscribers, he should have no problems covering the costs. 

About 2-3 years ago, he came and get to know established internet marketer Anik Singal who is not exactly my hot favourite marketer but whom I remained as subscriber to despite him an Indian talking with an American accent. 

Know this. 

Anik did NOT approach Robert Kiyosaki. 

But Robert himself who approached and finally came to learn from Anik about the basics and importance of having an affiliate program and how it works through email marketing and list building. 

But whether Robert ACTUALLY applied wholeheartedly what he learnt from Anik, that was what I need to find out soon. 

Here is the photo of him and Anik Singal which you may click the link to watch the full Youtube video. 

Robert Kiyosaki With Anik Singal

In a nutshell, Anik helped Robert put his business and life back together through his proven and time-tested internet marketing strategies of email marketing and list building. 

Guys, I do not know about you. But if I am to write a book about gaining financial independence or improving other areas of your life be it health or personal development etc, I will also include a daily or at least a step-by-step action plan. 

Because people don't just want to read theory stuff. 

They want to know how to put into action as in what to do everyday to change from what they are now to what they want to be in the future. 

Let me know your comments below on what I just posted.