Why Email Marketing Is NOT Always Lucrative As What MOST Marketers Claimed?

In this another controversial and yet down-to-earth post again, I am going to explain why email marketing is not always lucrative as what most marketers claimed.

Even though it will offend many others who made tens of thousands upon sending emails.

Most of you may have heard this saying –

The Money Is In The List.

Well, this is only half-truth.

What is the complete truth is that –

The Money Is NOT Just In The List

But In The Relationships You Build With Your List And –

The Value Of Your Offer You Recommend Them.

Now, let me ask you.

Do you know what is the purpose of having an email list and send emails to them?

I will tell you.

The purpose of doing so is to follow up with them in case they visited your site but did not buy anything.

Now don't get me wrong.

I am NOT saying you should not do email marketing.

While you should when it comes to promote information products like e-books and video tutorials be it from Clickbank, JVZoo or Warrior Plus, it does not really apply when it comes to promoting physical products or CPA offers.

Firstly for physical products say from Amazon, Amazon has a tracking system which it will follow up with prospects who visited through your affiliate link but did not buy for certain reasons.

Secondly, it does not apply when promoting seasonal gifts like Valentine, Thanksgiving, Christmas And New Year gifts as most people visiting the e-commerce network has strong intentions to buy and when they do, they don't just buy one but multiple items in the same category.

And when it comes to sending emails, you can't send text emails like when you are promoting information products.

You need to brand yourself the same way Amazon and E-bay do when they send their follow-up emails using html email / newsletter templates.

For CPA offers like Market Health, they already have their own landing pages so it will not make sense to create another in your own that ended up with prospects having to optin twice to get access to the same offer.

Also let me ask you which I hope you can be honest with me.

When you received emails from various marketers, do you open up and read ALL the emails from your inbox?

Or will you read those of marketers you know and trusted? 

Hope this will enlighten you and leave me your comments and questions if you have any below.