It has been 3 months since I last made a blog post.

Reason is because for the past 4 months or so, I have been focusing on creating and promoting my own information products first as my ist half of hte year project and then physical products in the second half.

In this post, I am going to reveal why I refused to do internet marketing part-time but preferred to focus full-time despite repeated but failed attempts by my parents, relatives and friends – whom I have unfriended many – in order to pursue my internet marketing as an education, career and dream.

But before that, let me tell a story of the video I watched.

The video was shot on Labor Day 1st May and this video you saw was of former NTUC Insurance CEO Tan Kin Lian speaking.

Guys, I am not sure if you have been to Singapore or have friends travelling and even reading about Singapore.

Anyway for your info, NTUC stands for National Trade Union Congress and is the government body which is supposed to fight for the workers' rights in jobs and wages.

But in recent years due to our government's generous immigration policy which allows unlimited foreigners to come, getting jobs have been increasingly difficult for most graduates.

Why is that so?

Because according to Tan Kin Lian, the business costs of running an office in Singapore is very high.

Coupled with graduates not willing to work for $1-2K but choose higher salaries as in $3-6K after deductions for pension, medical and housing grants what we called CPF or Central Provident Fund.

Based on my own findings, the cost of renting an office for 1 person is $500.

If I want to rent an office for 3 and more people be it town or off-town areas as a boss, I will have to pay $1000-3000 every single month.

So if I want to employ local graduates for $3000-5000 on top of their contributions to their pension, housing and medical care grants, I have to spend $7000-8000 every single month which most employers cannot afford.

That is why employers – according to Tan Kin Lian – find all sorts of reasons not to employ locals whose salary expectations are too costly but prefer foreigners who commanded a lesser salary but have a much better attitude.

I am not sure about you guys but for me, since I do internet marketing and make money, it is not so much a problem for me.

Suppose if you are pursuing a degree in your preferred field – does not matter which field but cannot get a job in that field, will you compromise by getting ANY job that is available just to make ends meet and support your family?

At first glance, I bet most of you will say NO.

But if your family is poor and you have not been contributing to your family for some time or even long time since you cannot find a job you want, will you compromise yourself by taking up any job that is available?

I am talking about toilet cleaners, taxi drivers, supermarket cashiers and assistants, restaurant waiters and dish washers, cafe waiters and waitresses like McDonalds and Starbucks?

Or door-to-door and telemarketing sales jobs which pay peanuts like $5-7 per hour or $800-1200 monthly?

Same for low-end office jobs like accounts, admin and HR staff?

While most high-end executive jobs go to Westerners like Americans, Australians, British and Europeans as well as Chinese who can speak the same English accent as them?

You may ask me –

Amuro, why are you ranting about this?

Because that is the situation my country is facing.

And precisely why I am determined to focus on internet marketing full-time than part-time.

So that when i mastered the art of making money online, I can teach others to do the same.

Yes, there are people who can do a full-time job and focused on internet marketing part-time.

But I can't as my attention span is pretty much one-dimensional as in being able to focus on one thing at a time.

It is what I have been trying to change throughout 7 years of my internet marketing journey but am still not successful so far.

And secondly, employers don't pay employees for just giving their jobs a try.

They pay their employees for giving their BEST.

And truth being said, giving your best comes from doing what you enjoy most.

Based on what Tan Kin Lian said, if I and others – including younger generation – are to take his advice, it will send our country into backward spiral.

In most developed countries like US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea, youngsters are able to pursue their dreams and do much better than their parents.

But in Singapore, it is the other way round.

The deceptive advice of Study Hard, Get A High Paying Job, Get Married And Retire Happily Ever After – fully endorsed by our government and our parents and grandparents, is what caused many Singaporeans wanting to be unhappy and prefer to migrate to other developed countries.

Quite simply, if you want to do your best, you should focus on it wholeheartedly.  Even it means doing this full-time if necessary to avoid too many distractions.