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A full time internetpreneur and investor.

How I Got Started In My Online Business?

In this post, I will be sharing with you how I got started in my online business.


The Day My Career Fell Apart

What I am about to share with you in this post is what I don't really share much even though I do mentioned a glimpse of it in my very first post. That day was 21 April 2000. 4 years prior to that, I was working in an admin and data entry jobs each of […]


Why I Choose Amazon Marketing And 4 Ways You Can Make Money From

In this post, I am going to share my story of how I got involved in Amazon marketing and mostly importantly, how you can profit in 4 different ways despite the fact it pays lower commissions than say Clickbank and JVZoo at the start. Though I set up 5 accounts with Amazon with different usernames, […]


Importance Of List Building And Email Marketing

We are coming to the end of our mini-email course series. So far in my emails I send you so far, I talked about: 1.  Market and keyword research, 2. How to create content, 3. How to set up your site and 4. How to drive traffic aka get visitors to your site in order […]


Getting Traffic To Your Sites

By now, you should have gone through my training videos and take action in order to understand how this whole affiliate marketing process works. If you haven't, please do so before continuing to read this email. Today, I am going to talk about driving traffic to your site. Besides niche/keyword research and building sites,getting traffic […]


Building Sites

We have covered niche, keyword research and generating content in the last few emails. Now we are going to cover building sites. When it comes to building site, this is one of the biggest confusion and frustration to many people starting out on the internet. When I started out in 2008, I used Blogger – […]


Domain Registration And Generating Content From Your Keywords

Today I am going to talk about domain registration and generating content from the keywords you gathered about your niche. From the 20-30 keywords I consolidated, I choose the one with most searches, least competition and fair amount of PPC ads before registering as my domain name at Namecheap. You can also register at GoDaddy. […]


Keyword Research

Today I am going to talk about keyword research. Speaking of which this has to be the hardest part especially if you start out online new. There are many keyword research courses out there but most will leave you even more blurr and confused. In case you do not know what keywords are, they are […]


Selecting Your Niche

Today I am going to talk about selecting your niche. Before you start marketing online, you need to find a product you can promote and online marketplaces that you can sign up as affiliates and get paid. For me, I signed up for 3 which are Amazon, Clickbank and Market Health.  Amazon promotes physical products […]


How I Made My First $100 Online

Below is a Youtube video of how I made my first $100 online way back in 2008 and how you can too! That was BEFORE I even heard the term affiliate marketing, email marketing and list building. Enjoy this video and leave me your comments below.