How Did I Get Started Online?

I got started online in July 2008. However I was not new to internet. In fact I already got started surfing online in 2000 to look for jobs after getting fired from my last job.  I only came to know that you can make money online 8 years later besides just connecting and interacting with […]


The Day My Career Fell Apart

What I am about to share with you in this post is what I don’t really share much even though I do mentioned a glimpse of it in my very first post. That day was 21 April 2000. 4 years prior to that, I was working in an admin and data entry jobs each of […]


Who I Am And Where I Came From

I come from the tiny island of Singapore in Southeast Asia. I am a full time internetpreneur and have been running my online businesses for 8 years now since 2008. As in promoting other people’s products as well as my own online. Whether they are information, physical or CPA products. The approaches I used in […]