Getting Traffic To Your Sites

By now, you should have gone through my training videos and take action in order to understand how this whole affiliate marketing process works.

If you haven’t, please do so before continuing to read this email.

Today, I am going to talk about driving traffic to your site. Besides niche/keyword research and building sites,getting traffic to your sites has been the biggest problem.

Especially when you are starting out as new affiliates.

There are many ways to drive traffic which I am going to summarize from A to Z:

1. Article Marketing

2. Blogging (Web 2.0 And Blog Commenting)

3. Bookmarking

4. Classified Advertising

5. Email Marketing

6. Forum Posting

7. JV Giveaways

8. PDF Submissions

9. Press Releases

10. Safelists

11. Social Media like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

12. Video Marketing

I cannot explain in full detail here since the email will be very long and you might get bored.

Regardless of what traffic loophole, glitch or some push button SEO marketers might preach out, it ultimately boils to 1 or 2 of these.

Yes, there are all free traffic methods and there are paid ones out there like PPC, PPV and media buys.

But I no longer use those and it won’t be fair teaching you what I no longer do.

Moreover if you are on limited budget or don’t want to spend money, free methods are the best though they take longer time to get traffic and make money.

Once you made that money, then you should reinvest in paid traffic which gives you much faster results.

Such as Facebook and Solo Ads – which most marketers advertise to build their email list and make consistent sales nowadays.

Alternatively you may consider getting this all-in-one traffic software by Ewen Chia here.