Keyword Research

Today I am going to talk about keyword research. Speaking of which this has to be the hardest part especially if you start out online new.

There are many keyword research courses out there but most will leave you even more blurr and confused.

In case you do not know what keywords are, they are basically words that people type into search engine like Google to look for info, product or service.

Here I will give you a simplest formula of finding keywords:

1. Go to Google and get the free Google keyword tool.

2. There get a Gmail (if you do not have) and start using the tool to get more than 100 keywords

3. Find at least 20-30 keywords that fit the criteria:

A. Keyword Type(which you can find on left)= Exact Match

B. No Of Global Or Local Monthly Searches = >/1000

C. Competition = Low

D. No Of PPC Ads (which you can find on right side of Google results page) = 2-4

Some affiliate programs do provide you keyword lists related to their product while others do not.